Automatic Watch Winders

If you own more than one high-quality automatic wrist timepiece, you may benefit from our watch winder. Two problems arise when you aren't wearing an automatic watch on a regular daily basis. First, the fine oils within the movement can become stale, affecting timekeeping performance. Secondly, it will eventually wind down and stop, requiring you to manually reset the watch. This can involve tedious resetting of several functions on a perpetual calendar timepiece.

Since 1990 Superior Watch Service Inc. has been offering a simple solution to keep your watches on time even when you aren't wearing them. We have been pioneers in bringing automatic watch winders to the consumer market and carry a selection of quality German-made watch winders to fit your needs.

Windmill Watch Winders for Six Automatic Watches

Windmill Watch Winder

Superior Watch Service Inc. is the exclusive dealer in the United States for the Windmill Watch Winder.

Why do we call it the “Windmill?” Click here.

Price: $850.00 plus $25 ground shipping (within the continental US) and applicable sales tax for NY residents.
Due to the current strength of the Euro we cannot guarantee this price after 3/11/10. Order now for the holidays.

Cyclomatic-Uno and Cyclomatic-Due

Cyclomatic-Due Watch Winder
Cyclomatic-Uno Watch Winder

The Cyclomatic series of winders are compact, practical and functional. The Cyclomatic-Due will accommodate two watches, while the Cyclomatic-Uno is ideal for a single heavier watch.

Made with a polystyrene case, these winders have robust motors and a single spindle with protected arms. They are powered by either four "C" batteries or 110 volt AC and will keep your watch or watches fully wound and ready to wear without resetting the time and date. They are self-alternating -- winding 36 revolutions clockwise, waiting 30 minutes, then 36 revolutions counterclockwise, waiting 30 minutes, and so on. When using batteries, a Cyclomatic winder will operate for about two years. Even better, overall dimensions are only 4.5" wide, 8" deep, and 6" high, allowing one to fit easily into a safe or safe deposit box. These products are guaranteed by our company for one year and are highly recommended for anyone who loves fine watches. Batteries and AC adapter are included. Made in Germany.

Cyclomatic-Uno: $500.00. Cyclomatic-Due: $525.00.
Please add $20 for ground shipping (within the continental US) and applicable sales tax for NY residents.

How To Order:

We, at Superior, prefer that you phone us with your order. It allows a personal commerce interaction between us and the ability to answer special questions particularly those of a technical nature. You can reach us, during our regular business hours, toll-free at 1-800/275-4687 or 718-851-5306.

If you cannot reach us by phone, you also have two additional options:

1. order via e-mail at:
2. order via fax at (718) 435-2098

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks or money orders. In addition to the "shipping address", please provide us with the "billing statement" address of the credit card you are using, if it is not the same.

All prices effective 3/11/10 and are subject to change without notice.

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